• Fusion Fusion SLi Road Race Suit
  • Fusion Fusion SLi Road Race Suit
  • Fusion Fusion SLi Road Race Suit

Fusion SLi Road Race Suit

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Met de lancering van het nieuwe Fusion SLi Road Race Suit, vindt FUSION de juiste combinatie van comfort en aero-optimalisatie voor wielrennen. Het pak is gecreëerd in samenwerking met de renners van de Deense Professional Cycling Team ColoQucik-Cult, die in 2017 het prototype gebruikt hebben met veel succes en het winnen van veel races.

Het is belangrijk om te vermelden dat het nieuwe Sli Road Suit niet speciaal voor tijdrijden is ontwikkeld, maar een wielrenpak met o.a. opbergzakken die je regelmatig kan gebruiken voor trainingen wedstrijden.

We believe that in the future, we will see ordinary cyclists moving towards suits as their garment choice instead instead of the standard cycling bib and jersey.
‘Because the comfort is so significantly better, you do not have a jersey that pulls up, stuffed pockets that pull down and marks made by the bibs making the one piece suit just perfect all the time’ -Per Nissen says from FUSION.

Real aero is the good advice
Another good reason for choosing a road race suit is that the good evidence in relation to aero optimization making the suit more effective than a jersey/bib combination. Aero tests have shown that there is an approximate 30-watt advantage. Studies also show that, of course you get some watts using an aero jersey but that the benefits are greater with a full suit. The higher the speed the more the watt is saved*

"For those who really want to perform to their best, an aero jersey should not be an option, so we've gone all the way and made a road race level suit for consumers," Per Nissen says

High Level Materials
The suit is made simply only in black using only the best combination of materials from the best manufacturers. The legs are made of our SLI woven fabric with 4-way stretch with true sports compression, aero-optimized sleeves and using the same jersey cut used on the ColoQuick-Cult's TT suit delivering optimal fit, comfort with an aero smooth service.

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